Gearbox Services

Gearbox reconditioning and refurbishment can be technically difficult, both mechanically and from a sourcing the correct parts point of view. Our skillset and knowlage in this area is predominatly Toyota MR2 based and has grown out of nesscesaty, having raced for several years with Toyota gearboxes we've built up a strong understanding of the do's and don'ts and we have a wealth of experience in this particlar area. We also work on other makes and models of gearboxes.

Within the Rogue Motorsport workshop we have a dedicated gearbox sub assembly area and access to a wealth of specialist tools, parts and information. Everyday jobs include replacing worn syncromesh and gears, fitting LSD's, fitting uprated gear sets and final drive ratios.

Gearbox refurbishment; a rough outline on costs.
Typically a gearbox re-furbishment job is broken down in to 3 cost areas,
Labour to remove and re-installing the gearbox, on an Toyota MR2 this typically takes around 5hrs.
Labour to strip, inspect, clean and re-assemble the gearbox, on an Toyota MR2 this typically takes around 6hrs.
Cost of the required internal gearbox parts, unknown util the gearbox is stripped.
Gearbox re-furbishment prices tend to start from £XXX+VAT

Where possible we also try to stock re-furbished MR2 gearboxes for the Toyota MR2 - S54, E153 & C60. Call us for up to date stock and pricing information on 01926 810104.